The Mission


To awaken the human vehicle to become one with infinite consciousness of love, truth and wisdom.

In doing so we activate soul incarnation, the supernatural abilities of healing, intuition and creation plus one’s dharmic force to activate the brilliant path of entrepreneurship, prosperity and leadership.

Embracing all areas of life - health, wealth, relationships, love, community and our life’s work to act as a living workshop that guides and refines us to complete our destiny.

The knowing that personal power, self actualisation, self leadership and sovereignty is core to developing one’s totality. Only then can he/she eclipse the past, eclipse the future to embrace the highest timeless of divine brilliance. 

The awareness that personal awakening is key to global awakening. The pinnacle of our human potential will ultimately be an act of service and blessing for the positive evolution for life on earth.

Myself, students, clients and those called to study form a collective known as the ECLIPSE.


The ECLIPSE experience is designed to empower bright beings on their journey to self-mastery and abundance.


We are dedicated to guiding individuals as they embody their soul's brilliance and lead themselves towards creating a life in their TOTALITY, fulfilling their destiny of manifesting heaven on earth.

WE become a guiding light for those who seek to rewrite their life's narrative, no matter how disappointed or heartbroken they may feel.

We inspire and support our community in mastering themselves, unlocking their true potential, and cultivating prosperity in every facet of their existence.

 We provide the tools, wisdom, and a nurturing community to reawaken the conscious creator within, ultimately empowering individuals to shape their reality with intention and purpose.


Our mission is to foster a deeper connection to one's inner light, enabling individuals to transcend past wounds and limitations, and to rise above stagnation. 


Our vision is to become a beacon of light for people around the globe so that they can easily awaken the totality of their embodied soul’s brilliance.

From here we see each leader passing on their light to the next person, to the next generation so that they too can fast track their destiny. In doing so we create an exponential flow of love, abundance and wealth for ourselves and our community.

Our commitment is to illuminate the path of self-realisation, where  seekers can embody their souls,

shine in their unique brilliance and embrace a life of abundance, fulfilment, and transformation.


Join us as we co-create a world where each individual's inner light guides them toward their highest destiny.