Meet Vanya Silverten

In my work... I invite you to embody the full spectrum of your soul’s brilliance.

From wealth to health, love to relationships, intuition to healing, sexuality to spirituality.

I have honoured many lineages of light to complete my quest of becoming it. Mystical healing, channelling, tantra, shamanism, transpersonal psychology, social science, psychic healing, esoteric science, religious teachings, acupuncture and nutritional therapy. 

For more than a decade I have worked with thousands of people from over 100 countries helping them to transform all aspects of their life. OK magazine has described my work as ‘cathartic’ and ‘uplifting’. From children, celebrities, athletes, doctors, professionals,royalty and beyond my greatest joy is to teach people the skills of healing, intuition, and embodiment so that they can master their own lives. Only then can we authentically live from the purity of our own light and truly create prosperity.

I believe the journey into our brilliance is a sacred path which ultimately leads us to our supreme destiny of living in love and therefore heaven on earth.  Since this everything I offer is both practical and mystical, intuitive and logical, profound and possible.  

I believe that healing and awakening is an art and I have refined my gifted intuition  through the experience of treating, reading and teaching 20,000+ people.  My experience of working within the field of human transformation is extensive and I have taught over 250+ live workshop in 8 different countries.  Through this I have developed the energetic understanding of how the body, mind and soul functions.

I  pass this knowledge on by teaching and qualifying students to become practitioners of Theta Healing®, The Eclipse Expereince® and teacher training retreats. 

My work has been featured in many international journals including OK magazine, Natural Health, Glamour, The Independent and BBC Radio.  My latest book, Sacred Revolution became a bestseller within 24 hours.

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I believe the journey into our brilliance is a sacred path that  leads us to our ultimate destiny of living in love and therefore creating heaven on earth. 

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My dedication to assist human evolution began from a deep need to heal and awaken myself first.

My childhood was a rollercoaster of turmoil that saw me living in eight different family scenarios and going to thirteen different schools. Life was an endless cycle of heartbreak after heartbreak that left me severely anxious and confused. My saving grace was that I grew up in the rainforest in Australia where I learnt to find solace and guidance from nature. This is where my radiant wild divinity gained position and I learnt to listen and follow it above anything else. 

After studying social science at university and volunteering for the ambulance, I felt my soul pulling me to England. I bought a one way ticket to London and thought I would arrive perfectly into my destiny of prosperity. Except unhealed from childhood I attracted many toxic experiences that left me on the streets of London with no money. This was my rock bottom. No where to go. No sense of self worth. Nothing but the choice to dust myself off and choose to recreate myself. I knew if I didn’t transform the brokenness, the unhealthy patterns within would repeat themselves. 



Countries visited - I love new cultures


Beautiful daughter called Aurora


Lessons to Master Love


Mischievous cat called Rainbow

A quest...

On a quest to find and reclaim myself, I joined a rock band and found my voice as a singer - the highlight was playing at the world famous Ronnie Scott’s in London.

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On my need to put myself back together and heal I studied homoeopathy, flower essence and nutritional therapy. On my desire to express my hidden truth I unleashed the artist within, I wrote an 18 + novel ‘Cool Breeze Under Black Veil.’ On the journey to remember who I was as a human on earth, I travelled to 45+ countries and studied religion, culture and history. On my need to be deeply loved I dived into tantra and meditation to connect to the divine. 

At 27, the rock band dissolved and I ended up in hospital with a severe kidney infection. My whole world crumbled and once again I was forced to recreate myself. I sent a prayer out to the universe, “I required to have a clear connection to the divine.” The Theta Healing technique came into my life and I studied it until I could master teaching it.  Between Dubai and London I taught students and healed clients for the best school. Facilitating divine work for up to 10 hours a day consistently for 7 years. The legacy of this light continues, I am now the co principle of Theta Academia. (We provide the full curriculum to master the Theta Healing technique.)

At 34, I reached a life changing pinnacle in my evolution (still to date) and had a kundalini awakening that changed my perception of my body, my sexual energy and my life forever. (The full story is written in my best selling book, Sacred Revolution - a woman’s path to love, power and sensual enlightenment) The insights, the in love with life orgasms, the blessings and the wisdom that came through were so intense that it brought all the teachings for my next chapter of my work on embodied soul brilliance. It also brought the energy and the soul of my daughter. Two weeks after the awakening  I conceived her - Aurora Elektra. 

I believe abundance is your birth right, soul incarnation is your destiny, and the delivery of your dharma is the completion of your most authentic existence.

The Birth...

This birth of my daughter stopped me from travelling. Covid swept the globe and the school I was working for dissolved.  I was forced to go online and study the technology to bring my teachings to the world. I created online courses, memberships, masterminds, mentorship, certification and retreats. The Vanya Silverten brand was born and grossed more than a million in revenue. 

But it was not enough, more evolution needed to take place to truly get my message and my teachings out. So at 41 the universe gave me a mid life crisis (I prefer mid life renaissance) and I threw everything I knew out. I went  dancing all night, got lost in festivals and did anything and everything that lit me up with new desire. Through this radiant wild process I stripped myself, my ego, my beliefs, my identity down until I found the sacred core of my teachings.

Until everything I knew, learnt, taught, experienced, studied could be consolidated into one genius formula to fast track your ability to embody your soul’s brilliance.  


The Eclipse Experience was born

I welcome you...

I invite you...  


Deep inside your heart is a spark of light that calls you to live more. 

Brighter it shines and dares you to think bigger, act bolder, stand stronger and dance wildly.

It wills you to love every piece of your being, until you discover your unique truth & life purpose.

It is the same light that sparks every cell in your body  and gives you the desire to experience heaven on earth.

This is Radiant Wild Divinity