Some people reach for stars. Others birth galaxies.


Be the exception

Eclipse your past, quicken your ascension process and quantum leap your reality so you can fully incarnate. 

The dharmic path your soul has chosen is bright and you are here to create prosperity.


  This is Embodied Soul Brilliance.

A state of complete connection with your being, your life, the universe and beyond.  

Month after month we deliver courses, codes, transmissions, certifications and retreats for your exponential growth.  We give you timeless tools that will ensure your excellence and life mastery for a lifetime. All of our teachings are curated for you to quickly access your unique path. This is about you becoming who you were meant to be.  

This is a Sacred Revolution 

Vanya Silverten


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For over a decade, I've been a professional energy healer and teacher, lauded by OK Magazine as 'cathartic' and 'uplifting.' My work has touched the lives of over 50,000 individuals from 80+ countries. I've conducted inspirational talks, workshops, retreats, meditations, and practitioner trainings worldwide, serving diverse clients, from athletes to royalty.

My mission is to empower and awaken bright souls, facilitating their connection to the infinite consciousness of love, truth, wisdom, and prosperity. This journey activates soul incarnation, unlocks supernatural healing and intuitive abilities, fosters wealth creation, and guides individuals toward entrepreneurship and leadership—a supreme path to self-actualization. My life's work is dedicated to advancing your body, mind, heart, soul, and life, collectively elevating our reality.

Since 2012, I've conducted 250+ transformational trainings across eight countries, performed over 20,000 hours of private healings, and certified thousands as qualified healers, coaches, and teachers. I'm also a mother, a bestselling author, CEO of a 7-figure brand, founder of THE ECLIPSE, host of the Embody Soul Brilliance Podcast, and governess of Theta Academia.  I help destined leaders find their voice, vision, teachings, and mastery, revolutionizing their business, life, and love. My pinnacle offering is private mentoring.

My most profound lesson: Life mastery begins with self-mastery. There's only one path—constantly choosing to be a beacon of light. Discover more about my journey.

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Welcome to the most brilliant vocation on earth!


 This is the moment the coach, healer, teacher, leader, mystic, artist, mentor and creator within alchemise into one revolutionary force. 

Learn the tools, receive the transmissions and apply the technology that helps you to fast track your destiny and create prosperity as a leader. 


This is the ECLIPSE Experience


There is a reason you have arrived here.
I invite you to experience an activation with me 

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"Vanya is a master at her work. Precise. Profound and very Magical "

Siva Di Carlo 

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