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Vanya is a Master

"Vanya is a master at re-aligning you to your highest truth and your highest health. QUICKLY! I LOVE working with her! What would have taken me years to heal takes only one delicious session. Like a psychic surgeon she finds the deepest aspect of you that needs an upgrade - from cosmic issues to physical issues. It’s a pleasure to be in her sessions to witness a master gracefully and powerfully activating you to ascend. Her sessions are full of joy and gentleness and humility. I’m so glad I booked a package of sessions - it’s the only way to go for those who are serious about their wellbeing. I highly recommend Vanya Silverten to everyone - and I don’t say that lightly. I’ve met and worked with a lot of healers, and in the past 25 years? Three have stood out. She is one of them. Thank you Vanya for your brilliance. To have a master wrapped up in the kindest human is incredible." 

Marina J, #1 bestselling author, life coach and speaker

A Remarkable Healer

"Vanya is a remarkable healer, who is able to give clear, precise and accurate readings and catalyse profound shifts. I have experienced several sessions with her where I felt "reborn" into a new reality. She is able to distil what feels overwhelming and complex into what is simple. I feel honoured to have trained with and received healing from such a special person. Vanya eminates kindness and compassion whilst being able to cut through illusion. I felt safe to explore my shadows with her without judgement even the darkest ones. Signing up for a package of sessions has really allowed my psyche to dive in deep. I feel so grateful to know wonderful Vanya. She helped me unlock the doors to creating my life and the tools to step through them into onward expansion."

Dr. Christina Cooper




Extraordinary & Epic

‘I've been a client of Vanya's for 7 years intermittently as I've been travelling, yet the journey we've made together has been far more extraordinary and epic than any place I've visited.

 I have worked with many excellent therapists & healers over the years each with their own unique perspective but with Vanya it's been the most powerful, perceptive and illuminating experience, She is a very special healer, psychic and clairvoyant.

I've recommended her to a number of people who've also found her helpful, healing and insightful.’

Virginia Boston - Author of Children's book






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