Our Psychic Activation Course is designed to help you unlock and harness your innate psychic abilities, providing you with a roadmap to a more enriched and empowered existence.


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Activate, Protect & Accelerate Your Supernatural abilities.

Have you ever felt a deep, unexplored connection to the universe? Do you sense energies beyond the ordinary? It's time to awaken your natural superpower – your psychic abilities!


Here's the truth:

Being psychic is not just a gift for the chosen few – it's a natural part of who you are."

 - Vanya Silverten

Join Us For A 6 Part Course To Awaken Your Psychic Abilities

Don't let your psychic potential remain dormant. Embrace the extraordinary and step into the world of limitless possibilities. Unlock, protect, and accelerate your psychic abilities – because the universe is waiting for you to awaken your natural superpowers!

Opening Clearing & Releasing Ceremony.

Thursday 7th Feb 7pm GMT

Become one with your psychic evolution, tracing its roots in human history and the profound connection between survival, emotions, and healing. Embrace the awakening of your psychic essence, overcoming past wounds and reclaiming spiritual sovereignty. Release yourself from psychic interference and reconnect with divine consciousness, fostering a transformative journey towards unlocking your full intuitive potential. This class acts as a remembrance ceremony. 





Psychic Cosmology & Embodiment

Saturday 9th March  10am - 1pm GMT

A transformative journey of delving into the depths of psychic embodiment, where the body becomes an instrument finely tuned to perceive the intricate tapestry of clairvoyance, clairsentience, prophetic senses, and gut instincts harmoniously working together. Experience the unfolding of psychic cosmology, where the evolving body attunes to truth, navigating through six realms of revelation, healing, and evolution. Utilise this sacred map to unveil hidden truths, claim authenticity, and integrate the unknown into everyday life, guided by the universe's responses through your psychic body. Shedding layers of illusion, anchor the essence of truth within your being, aligning every sense with strength and clarity. Embrace your role as a way-shower, a seer, embodying the truths that must be incarnated for a harmonious existence.

Psychic Protection

Tuesday 12th March  7pm GMT

Discover the essence of Psychic Protection, a vital shield against the veils of entanglement that hinder our connection to truth and sovereignty. Navigate through the fields of influence, ranging from personal thoughts to ancestral echoes and galactic interferences, understanding how fear and control contract our being. By creating space and employing embodiment exercises, fortify your psychic body, enabling a profound expansion towards empowerment and choice. Unlock the gateway to true sovereignty and reclaim your power amidst the complexities of existence.





Psychic Acceleration

Thursday 14th March  7pm GMT

Delve into the diet and lifestyle that nourishes the psychic within. Connect deeply with the divine universe, recognising its constant communication with you and guiding you towards love, truth, wisdom, and peace—illuminating the path to your dharma and destiny. Explore the intricate psychic gateways of the universe, unveiling the six destined moments in everyday life where cosmic communication occurs. Learn to heighten your intuitive body's speed, accelerating the flow of information so you can act swiftly upon the guidance received. With expert guidance, unlock the secrets to enhancing your psychic abilities and navigating life with clarity, purpose, and empowered intuition.

Psychic Activation & Action

Saturday 16th March 10am-1pm GMT

In this class your psychic body becomes finely attuned to the frequency of truth, guiding you like a compass back to love and manifestation of new beginnings. Unlock the secrets of psychic information, piecing together the puzzle of existence with the precision of a mathematical equation. Harness the power of the six gateways to ask profound questions and expand truth into love. Explore intuitive writing to translate energy into words effortlessly and refine your intuitive drawing skills. Dive deep into the realms of emotion, learning to translate their frequencies through your body, and feel the vibrant hues of colors. With learning files at your disposal, immerse yourself in the art of psychic development and awaken your innate abilities to create, understand, and thrive. 

Psychic Manifestation 

Monday 18th 7pm GMT

Psychic manifestation is  where you embody the roles of seer, wayshower, and healer, birthing new life through the ability of tuning into higher frequencies. Unlock the gateways to truth, transcending reality to manifest a higher existence. Understand the profound shift in molecules as we elevate to new frequencies, altering our very essence with each conscious choice. Learn to harness these higher frequencies and weave them into reality while surrendering to the divine laws governing the universe—embracing dharma, destiny, duty, death, danger, and direction with unwavering trust. Embark on a journey of transformation, where the power of manifestation merges seamlessly with spiritual alignment, guiding you towards a life infused with purpose, authenticity, and boundless potential.

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Embrace the Extraordinary

In a world often confined by the tangible and the visible, the exploration of psychic abilities introduces us to a realm of endless possibilities and profound insights. Being psychic is not a mystical gift reserved for a select few; it is an inherent aspect of our being waiting to be awakened. In this blog, we delve into the transformative power of being psychic and how it can elevate and enrich our everyday lives.


Life changing teachings:

Thank you for bringing these teachings to the world Vanya, they are my most favourite in the entire world and have made such a profound and possitive impact on my life! - Gabriella Award

The Knowing:


"I feel like everything in my life is converging to this point, so I know that I’m definitely meant to be here."

Some more truth..

"Translating the energy world is an art and it requires practice."

- Vanya


Pay in Full


  • 20 hours of transmissions, activations and awakening.
  • 6 LIVE Masterclasses with replays 
  • One payment for 2 YEARS. access

2 Payments


  • 20 hours of transmissions, activations and awakening.
  • 6 LIVE Masterclasses with replays 
  • 2 payments of £305  for 2 YEARS access


How can this benefit your future...

  • Intuitive decision makingThis intuitive prowess becomes a guiding force in decision-making, helping us navigate the complexities of life with clarity
  • Enhanced RelationshipsImagine being attuned to the emotions and energies of those around you. Psychic abilities, particularly empathy, enable a deeper understanding of others.
  • Energy ManagementBeing psychic involves an acute awareness of energy – both positive and negative. This awareness allows us to manage our own energy and create harmonious environments.
  • Predictive insightsThe prophetic sense inherent in psychic abilities opens a window into the future.
  • Connecting with the UniverseBeing psychic means recognising our connection to the vast cosmic web of energy. This awareness fosters a sense of unity with the universe, bringing a profound sense of purpose and meaning to our lives. 

Meet your teacher

Hi, I'm Vanya

Vanya Silverten has been a professional intuitive healer and spiritual teacher for over decade. She has given psychic readings and healings to over 20,000 people from over 80 countries. She loves to pass the gifts of intuition and psychic abilities on to her students to help them navigate their life and fulfil their soul's purpose with ease. Vanya has recently designed a Soul Star Destiny Cards, a beautiful deck of 88 oracle cards for life mastery and conscious creation.

Here's my advice

"Embrace your role as a cosmic translator and unlock the secrets of the universe."

- Vanya Silverten

This is for you if:

  • You want to learn how your intuitive and psychic body works
  • You desire to awaken your sight, hearing, smell, touch and knowing through guided transmissions and activations
  • You are ready and open to release fears, traumas, and past lives that block your intuition from awaken
  • You next level requires you to remember how to decipher symbols and communicate messages

Are You Ready to Truly Awaken?

Choose your payment plan:

Pay in Full


  • 20 hours of transmissions, activations and awakening.
  • 6 LIVE Masterclasses with replays 
  • One payment for 2 YEARS Access

2 Payments


  • 20 hours of transmissions, activations and awakening.
  • 6 LIVE Masterclasses with replays 
  • 2 payments of £305 for 2 YEARS access

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