Deep within lives a power that gives birth to new life



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If you live in a female body temple:

The biggest FORTUNE lives within you - learn to surrender to it.

Move beyond the poverty consciousness that lives with your female being. Release the complex wounds of disappointment, failures, rejection, heartbreak, jealousy, unworthiness, poverty and pain. You can no longer keep receiving and absorbing these outdated realities. 

This is the Sacred Surrender into ....

Female Energetics

Female energetics helps women activate the magic of the female body temple so they can access and leverage their unique strengths, talents and energies to achieve financial success, abundance and attract deeper love. This is about receiving, surrendering and living in powerful alignment where your words, actions, boundaries and thoughts become one sacred force.

FemmeFORTUNE will give you the keys to unlock yourself so that prosperity can flower through your life. 


Lasting female power, sovereignty, sensuality and magnetism.

We gently yet purposefully dive deep into your female body and unlock its magic layer by layer, petal by petal - journeying through your breasts, womb, menstrual cycle, sexuality, intimacy, psychic abilities and extraordinary female heart. This is how we recover your deeply held potency within.

This godesss magic then gets reawakened and recoded to become your FemmeFORTUNE This is the fierce grace every woman calls upon time and time again to revolutionise her life. It’s the energy used to turn her visions into her purpose. Her knowings into manifestations. Her potential into reality.

It is her magnetic spark that allows her to seduce all of life to support her. It is her receptivity that allows her to surrender and receive more prosperity. It is her courage that voices and commands.

When we live from our fortune, there is no feminine wound, there is no overwhelm or self doubt. There is only the ROAR of your soul’s brilliance choosing to exist. There is only FemmeFORTUNE


 Be held in the beauty of transformation, elevation, empowerment and enlightenment.

Over 10 immersive sessions you will access the magic of your feminine fortune.

FemmeFORTUNE combines female energetics, tantric practices, illuminated prosperity teachings and more. This is a powerful course especially if you are choosing to master your life, your relationships, your business and the creation of wealth. The journey begins in your female body temple so you can claim your mystical sensual power. Then it supports you to raise your reality until the universe can reflect your brilliance. 

  1. Sacred Yin

  2. Uniting the Fragmented Feminine

  3. Female, Sister, Mother & Grandmother Wounds 

  4. Receptivity, Surrender & Magnetism

  5. Female prosperity Energtics

  6. Standards & Boundaries

  7. Cyclical Power

  8. Alpha Communication & The Power of the Voice

  9. Heartbreaks, Love & Luxury

  10. Masculine & Feminine Chemistry

  11. Hormonal Health for Vibrant Health

  12. The Art of Beauty, Power & Leadership

  13. Overflowing Fountain of Magic 
  14. Sacred Sexuality & Sensual Enlightenment

  15. Tantric Priestess

  16. Kundalini Shakti
  17. Mother Nature’s Wealth

  18. The Goddess & Lioness Unite

  19. The Goddess holds the Femme Fatale
  20. The Sacred Dance of Leaning back for others to lean forward

  21. Making love to abundance

  22. Sex, Money & Power Trifecta
  23. Divine Inner Marriage 



Rewire & Rebirth
Each class will rewire your deeply held patterns to blossom. Through self discovery, meditations, breath work, sacred embodiment and the female temple tantric arts you will rebirth your brilliance back into every cell of your body.


Claim & Become
Every group call  will become a gateway for you to activate your FemmeFORTUNE. Once you learn to embody these codes, you can use their magic again and again to continuously take yourself to the next level. These calls are the permission, the initiation and the rite of passage every woman needs. 

Seen & Elevated

The private 1:1 sessions will become the master key to your next level. Each is perfectly tailored to your needs so you can elevate. A private session is a healing, coaching, a rite of passage and an initiation all rolled into one. We move beyond self and group study, instead we personally hold you in our field of excellence so you can be more.

She is made of the stars and she is made of the earth


Her beauty is rare and it illuminates the darkest nights


Her eyes are wise and her intuition always reveals the truth


Her skin shimmers with mystery and her curves are untamed wildness 


She dances with graceful precision and her feet walk in alignment to her word


Her body is a temple that gives birth - to children, to creations, to prosperity, to galaxies


A thousand versions exist within her and they all desire to be loved 


She is brave and will spend a lifetime walking through initiations that test her power 


She has the keys to keep unlocking her magnificence

Infinity lives inside of her, this is her weatlh.


Her entire existence is a sacred treasure and  she will gift it to the world


This is the moment...

  • You choose to get your voice, your heart, your sensuality, your life back on track, simply because you can no longer live another year, another month, another day in the empty place.

  • If you have been feeling stagnant, lifeless, numb, dull and frumpy in your body and the spark inside of you is getting smaller as each year goes by.
  • Your are still heartbroken, lonely and given up on love and you know this is not how you should be living
  • You know you need to reawaken your vibrancy, voice and magnetism and raise your energy so you can manifest and consciously create.
  • You feel and know your power but you are unable to be motivated by it to raise your reality
  • You can feel the beauty, magic and liberation of your next level but need sacred mentorship to elevate you in it. 

This is the moment you choose YOU again...

Generous & Powerful:

"Vanya has been the mentor that has helped me to truly open up and understand my feminine energy. The process has helped me to open up the next level of my life with so much ease and joy. As a healer and intuitive, using the power of my own femininity to embody and manifest what is next is truly a blessing to me.Pleasure has become the new mantra in my life and Vanya has been the most genuine, generous and powerful teacher for me.My connection with my body, my energy and my soul is in a new whole level difficult to express with words"  Neus Ventura

Portal of Awakening:

"Vanya's goddess courses are a portal for awakening the innate power of your sexuality and embracing yourself as the goddess that you are. Vanya is the embodiment of sensual, divine feminine energy and she effortlessly guides you into peeling back the layers that block you from stepping into your womanhood and activating the gift of your sexual energy. If you're ready to empower yourself and to channel your power  then this course is for you." Nyasha Mangera-Lakew 


This is the core teachings of FemmeFORTUNE

"You are Gold Vanya.You are like an encyclopedia of deep knowledge. Thank you for all your teachings. It's Only taken 61years to find you. Im in awe of you. BUT I have found in you a great teacher." Penny



Deep within lives a magic that is so fulfilling it creates a magnetic field of prosperity.  

- Vanya Silverten


Femme FORTUNE is free for those in the ECLIPSE Experience

3 Payments


  • Sacred Journey into feminine energetics bespoke to the group. 
  • 2 x 3 hour classes
  • 6 x 75min masterclasses
  • Live Q & A 
  • BONUS: Sacred Revolution Book
  • BONUS: Sacred Revolution Documentary 
  • BONUS: Wild Woman Love up

Pay in Full


  • Sacred Journey into feminine energetics bespoke to the group. 
  • 2 x 3 hour classes
  • 6 x 75min masterclasses
  • Live Q & A 
  • BONUS: Sacred Revolution Book
  • BONUS: Sacred Revolution Documentary 
  • BONUS: Wild Woman Love up

Special 1:1


  • 3 x 90 min private session with Vanya (usually £1650 per session)
  • Sacred Journey into feminine energetics bespoke to the group. 
  • 2 x 3 hour group classes
  • 6 x 75min masterclasses
  • Live Q & A 
  • BONUS: Sacred Revolution Book & Documentary
  • BONUS: Wild Woman Love up


1. Opening Ceremony - Monday 8th July 7PM BST

2.. Session Two - Wednesday 10th July 7PM BST

3. Session Three - Friday 12th July 12PM BST

4. First 3 Hour Immersion  - Saturday 13th July 10 AM- 1PM BST

5. Session Five - Monday 15th July 7PM BST

6. Session Six - Wednesday 17th July 7PM BST

7. Session Seven - Thursday 18th July 12PM BST 

8. Second 3 Hour Immersion  & Closing Ceremony - Saturday 20th July 10AM -1PM BST

* All classes are recorded. 

Meet your guide

Hi, I'm Vanya

Vanya Silverten has been a professional intuitive healer and spiritual teacher for over decade. She has given intuitive readings and healings to over 20,000 people from over 80 countries.Taught over 240 live workshops and retreats around the world. Since the brith of her daughter she dived deeply into female energetics and sensual  enlightenment. This magic has allowed her to write books, create oracle cards, curriculum, a million dollar brand while singing and dancing along the way. She loves to pass her knowledge on so you can step into greater beauty and prosperity. 

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