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Those that embody the truth

enlighten the world

100 Hour Expert Level Embodiment Certification




ECLIPSE Coach gives you soul incarnation & embodiment for vibrant life mastery. 

 Learn the exclusive technique that combines embodiment coaching, transformational healing, body wisdom, intuitive guidance, sensual awakening, soul guidance and more. Timeless and universal tools that alchemise your greatness to become one revolutionary force. 

Unlock the body for soul incarnation and upgrade your being to embody your brilliance. Become empowered and enlightened so you can easily master relationships, influence life, complete your dharma and fast track your destiny. 

Then pass the power on to raise others. An ECLIPSE Coach is one who holds the resonance to recalibrate others to their greatness. This is the most rewarding vocation on earth.

'The icing on the cake to healing and transformation.' Sirin Ortanca⠀


We begin with the Opening ceremony 23rd May:









A certified program by the International Institute Of Complementary Therapies.

Get professionally recognised as an international coach

A 100+ Hour Expert-Level Training On Embodiment, Empowerment, Leadership, Conscious Creation, Sensuality & Soul Awakening. 


In this certification, you’ll learn how to be a certified and professional coach leading transformative private or group sessions from anywhere in the world. You will become highly skilled in the ECLIPSE Coach technique. A highly effective coaching system to lead your clients to body vibrancy and soul liberation- the essential ingredients to master a prosperous life.

Use this program for your own healing and self development. Or take your skill to the world and create a soul centred business from it. In 6 months you will receive the tools, knowledge and expert training to become an excellent and internationally recognised professional.

One technique to embody your soul's brilliance

In this training you will learn 3 important keys: embodiment, empowerment and enlightenment for total soul incarnation.

1. Embodiment: Learn highly effective tools to liberate trauma, childhood wounds, limiting beliefs, heartbreak and life force blockages. Awaken the natural healing mechanism of a healthy body. Elevate clients to exist from their sensual and magnetic presence so they can beautify their life. 

2. Empowerment: Masterfully guide clients to their own self leadership, self respect, self love and self empowerment.  Then support them to revolutionise their lives. 

3. Enlightenment: Free you clients to tap into the limitless potential of their soul force and use it to make  potent aligned actions. Recalibrate their body to become an intuitive instrument to receive greater divine guidance. Rewire them to a magical universe. 

Optional Extra - Master FacilitatorLearn to coach, teach and lead live workshops, groups and retreats. Learn to create curriculum and discover how to hold safe and illuminating space for other’s to awaken. This is a powerful journey for the priestess within. You are invited into the ECLIPSE Temple.

Use this program for your own healing and self development. Or take your skill to the world and create a soul centred business from it.

The ECLIPSE Coach is embodied, empowered and enlightened. They hold a resonance that lights up the world. 

The ECLIPSE Coach is and gives:

  •  A power to heal and rejuvenate life

  • A voice that is head, your spoken word respected and your boundaries honoured 
  • A magnetic abilities to attract and receive goodness
  • Vibrant sensuality that is liberated to become beauty and radiance
  • A strength to stand proudly in sovereignty and self leadership
  • An ability to lead impact and inspire. 
  • The ability to create a more abundant and prosperous life. 
  • The peace and serenity to go beyond negative energy and drama
  •  Generates confidence, power and respect
  • Claims space and light up the room with presence
  • Has absolute power over money and belief in self
  • Shines brilliant lights of wisdom to raise others

  • Takes instinctual action to create positive change 

  • Self generates confidence, power, and prosperity

  •  Claims space and lights up the room with presence 

  •  Has absolute power over money and belief in self 

  •  Takes instinctual action to create positive change  

  •  Falls forward into their brilliance and leans back on developed trust in the universe

  •  Accesses deep innate codes to shine brighter in the world

Stand tall in the embodied light of your soul, then shine with empowered brilliance to master your life. 

Here's the reality:

People all over the world are looking for masterful coaches and mentors to quantum leap them to their next level.

Your role is to calibrate yourself to limitless potential. Embody it, live it and then gift it.

An ECLIPSE Coach becomes their brilliance first and then gifts it to others. 


Embody power, shine presence, take position and live with passionate, prosperous purpose.


Learn the coaching and healing tools to create lasting transformation, empowerment and illumination for you and others.

Activate soul incarnation, intuition, body wisdom, divine guidance and quickly get to the heart of any issue. Then return one to a state of empowerment so they can make aligned action to magnetise and calibrate to their highest potential.


E: Embodied Soul Brilliance

C: Clear Soul Communication 

L: Love & Life Mastery 

I: Instincts, Insights & Intuition 

P: Prosperity, Passion, Presence, & Purpose

S: Sacred Sensuality 

E: Empowered & Enlightened Energetics


ECLIPSE Coach  focuses on your own transformation first. This is so you can embody the teachings in your own unique and authentic way. Then be taken through the training process until you learn to master the work at an expert level ensuring you become a world class coach. 


International Insitute for Complimentary Therapists 

Become an internationally certified and insured Coach

 'I launched my first sold out program!'

When I joined this certification I was at a very low place in my business. I had lost my voice with all the social media mess and I was having a lot of emotional upside downs. Working with Vanya, reconnected me back to my truth and I was able to energetic shift a lot of generational trauma that was kipping me in fear.

This certification is an all-around training that combines energetic healing with embodied coaching. It teaches you the key elements that you need to coach from a place of embodiment. It also teaches you ways to hold lasting transformational containers that feels safe and welcoming for clients to drop into pleasure.

Since finishing the certification, I have launched a sold-out group program called FullyCum, I have enrolled multiple high-end 1:1 clients, launched a YouTube channel and I’ve also been hired to work as a master teacher in other people programs. 

If you are looking for a powerful energetic, embodiment modality to add your toolkit, then join!   

Joyce Olapido 


The Benefits:

Get exclusive skills to master the body, liberate soul brilliance, revolutionise life & become a world class coach.


  • Learn the process to help the soul incarnate into the body
  • Become proficient at somatic transformation practices like dancing, breath work, sounding, expression, movement therapy and learn how to combine it with taking therapy. 
  • Learn effective tools to waken others out of trauma, heart break, low self esteem, body shame, eating disorders, visibility issues, shadows and limiting beliefs.
  • Learn the keys to unlock sacred life forces of the body that can create vitality, youth, beauty, health and organ rejuvenation
  • Discover how to hold the energetic resonance that blossoms others/clients/students into their unique brilliance
  • Wake up your intuitive abilites and learn to apply your healing powers with ease
  • Become a channel for higher wisdom - words are magic for the receiver
  • Learn to earn money, create a business and live a prosperous life from your coaching skills.
  • Upgrade your existing coaching skills with a powerful new system 
  • Expand beyond coaching to become  leader/facilitator

Learn the skills to exponentially embody soul brilliance - a limitless fountain of wonder.



A 6 month intensive journey that transcends the ordinary and unlocks the extraordinary within you.  

This technique can be used on the self, client or on a group level. It can be used as a stand alone modality or mixed with other skills to create your own unique practitioner magic. It can be applied to all people, genders and sexual orientations. You can offer the session online, in person, a VIP day event, group event.

High Level Training

Expect the best teachings, transmissions, codes & activations in the world to make you excellent. 

Weekly Support

Be supported nurtured, encouraged and helped each week through Q & A, practice sessions, group meetings, recordings & more.

Private Community

We attract super high vibe conscious beings so you can play, swap, exchange and master skills with.

Two Year Access

We want you to become the best! Includes an extra year of ECLIPSE Beacon so you can master your abilities.  

Heaven is not a destination.

Heaven is an embodiment.

Awaken your entire being:

This is a sacred journey into embodied soul brilliance. 

Our special system weaves the following curriculum to ensure your excellence is realised. 


 Curriculum I

The Tools of Transformation

Learn the six stage process, known as the Soul Gate, to easily move the client from suppressed states to embodied, empowered, enlightened, illuminated and awakened states of soul incarnation.  Discover how to activate the intuitive senses and body wisdom to get to the heart of any issue. Then flow into powerful  aligned action until one's highest potential is calibrated, magnetised and manifested. 

Curriculum II

Body Mapping 

Work deeply with the nervous system and learn to release the body templates that inhibit soul incarnation - dissociated, bypass, unaware, suppressed, traumatise, enlightened and combination. Then discover how to release the wound imprints - isolation, chaos, shame, neglect, poverty, exploitation - that inhibit the soul from awakening into the enlighten embodied response- liberation, harmony, expression, abundance, confidence and sovereignty.  

Curriculum III

Activating the Soul Gate

You will learn how to activate the soul gate in five different ways. This then allows you to tailor the sessions to your client's needs - The Embrace, The Liberation, The Reverse, The Flow and The Laser. 

Curriculum IV

The Pillars of Transformation 


The six pillars of liberation - peace, passion, presence, power, prosperity and purpose -  will refine your coaching skills, elevate your clients and increase their capacity to receive more love, success and abundance. It will also heighten your energetic resonance to tap into the field of limitless potential. After each class you will be invited to swap with fellow students to master your skills and simultaneously evolve yourself. 

 Curriculum V

Magnetic Marketing & Entrepreneurship

Learn effective strategies to create an income and business as a professional ECLIPSE Coach. Discover how to create a unique offering that sells itself. Learn transformational selling skills so that you can attract clients with grace, ease and flow. Explore the many ways you can generate new clients, create a platform and grow your audience. 

Curriculum VI

The Sensual Enlightenment Academy


An elective bonus for the Teacher Training. This counts towards your credits for graduation the Teacher Training Certification but is not a requirement for the COACH certification. 

Curriculum VII

Teaching Training

Take your 1:1 coaching skills to a new level. Learn to the art of teaching, facilitating and holding space for large groups, retreats and workshops.  You are invited to take the Living Goddess & Living Priestess Retreats. 

Plus instant access bonus

The Temple Vault

Enjoy potent masterclasses and courses to help your blossom your female body temple. Includes: The Sensual Enlightenment Academy, Awakening Goddess, Yinlicious Yogini, Jade Empress, Tantric Priestess, Lioness, Sensual Embodiment, Womb Clearing, Jewel, Pregnancy, Incarnating into A Brilliant Life and so much more.


This is where:

Your entire body becomes a divine instrument to transmits healing and transformative energy for mass awakening. 


This training  uses ECLIPSE Energetics

E - Embodied Soul Brilliance

C - Clear Channel for Conscious Creation

L - Legacy of Light, Love & Leadership

I - Initiations, Intuition & Incarnation

P - Prosperous Purpose & Dharmic Path

S - Sensual Enlightenment

E - Energetics for Life Mastery

What is ECLIPSE Energetics? How does it work?


Meet your teacher

Vanya Silverten

An international healer, speaker, teacher and author. With clients and students from all over the world she has help over 10,000 people progress on their spiritual path. Vanya has passion to help individuals transform all aspects of their life. Her greatest joy is to teach people the skills of healing, manifesting and intuition so that they can master their own lives. OK magazine has described her work as ‘cathartic’ and ‘uplifting’. 

Since the birth her daughter she has deepened the appreciation for being a woman and has developed a powerful system to help other’s reach heightened states of enlightenment from their body temple.

It exceeded everything I envisioned

"I started the coaching process because it was clear to me that I wanted to guide on a deeper level.And what a ride this route was! It exceeded everything I envisioned. When you are ready to offer a much more powerful coaching technique and guidance as a coach and also to embrace the deep transformation for yourself, then Vanya is your person.

Vanya guides you to your highest potential straight from her heart. Where you can fully develop yourself in complete safety into the woman/coach you are meant to be. The fantastic tools you are given make sure that your coaching sessions really make an impact on your clients. So that they can start living from their strength." Katrien Deman


The missing link I needed to expand my medical office.!' 

"This program was the missing link I needed to expand my medical office and to up level my personal life. I have been working as a dermatologist in my private medical office for over a decade with a variety of alternative healing tools with a special focus on energy medicine as an amendment to scholastic medicine. Every doctor has a profound knowledge about the wisdom of the human body and its tremendous healing capacities. This embodiment technique is about accessing this wisdom with remarkable results and I am using the technique in my office for supporting patients in their individual healing journey with excellent response as an addition to conventional medicine." Dr.Marcella Kollmann-Hemmerich, MD

Professional, Supportive, Transformative

Teacher training with Vanya is a huge amount of knowledge served on a tray right under your nose. Professional, supported by many years of experience, a comprehensive dose of practical, ready-to-implement methods of working with the body, mind and spirit. In her generosity, Vanya shared her healer workshop with me so that I could spread my wings even more as a mentor and coach. Thanks to her, I learned many new techniques of working with women that enable deep exploration, transformation and holistic healing of traumas, blockages and disorders.I sincerely recommend this extraordinary teacher training to every woman who has a desire in her heart to help and support others." Magdelena Krawiec - Women's Empowerment Coach & Teacher

A 6 month intensive journey into embodied soul brilliance

Learn the Gift of Coaching & Become World Class Excellent 

'I can't wait to start! Every course I have done with Vanya is BEYOND I what I expect.' DANI




  • ECLIPSE Coach
  • 100+ Hours 
  • International Certification  
  • Temple Vault and Sensual Enlightenment Academy
  • Business & Marketing 
  • 1 x Private Session with our support coach 
  • 3, 6 and 12 month payment plans available
  • 2 years access




  •  ECLIPSE Coach 
  • 100+ Hours 
  • International Certification
  • Temple Vault  
  • Sensual Enlightenment Academy
  • Business & Marketing
  • 1 x Private Session with our support Master coach 
  • 2 years access




  • ECLIPSE Coach
  • ECLIPSE Channel
  • ECLIPSE Beacon
  • All ECLIPSE Masterminds & Intensives
  • ECLIPSE Vaults - Mystic, Temple & Creator
  •  and more
  • 1 x Private Session with Vanya Silverten valued at £1200




Teacher Training 

This is for those who feel called to step into the brightest power of their soul and lead workshop & retreats around the world. ECLIPSE Coach is the foundation to the Living Goddess & Living Priestess Teaching Training. This is the moment you choose to create a temple with your work for others to awaken. 


Save The Dates


Opening Ceremony Thursday 23rd May

Saturday 25th May 10-2pm BST

Tuesday 28th May 7pm BST

Thursday 30th May 12pm BST

Saturday 1st June 10-2pm BST



Classes will following this pattern although subject to change. Each month we will journey through new theme until soul embodiment gets created.

1st Tuesday of the Month 7pm BST

1st Thursday of the Month 12pm BST

1st Saturday of the Month 10am -1pm BST

2nd Thursday of the Month 12pm BST Nervous System Rewiring - With Roslyn McPhail

3rd Tuesday of the Month 7pm BST Live Coaching

*** Slight date changes in August and November ***


Frequently Asked Questions


Learn timeless tools that create exponential transformation. From wealth to health - love to relationships - body to soul. Embodied soul brilliance is the next level.